Stable Bases , Yards , Horse Walkers, Muck Stores. 

Concrete slab bases are constructed by us according to the clients prefered stable manufactures detailed plans, from around £48 per sq metre

A course of engineeering bricks can be laid for the timber sectional stables to rest on .

Extending an existing concrete slab to provide a bigger working area is a popular way of providing additional clean space within a yard.

Other stable types are provided, including galvanised iron sectional stables, concrete block wall and timber stud walls.
Bespoke stables can be provided to fit into an existing building to utilise the best available space.

Fencing and gates around yards, Water and electricity supplies can be extended to yards. Well constructed access roads and yard areas are important and advice on materials and depths will be given.   

 Typical concrete surface water drainage

Stable Yard

Precast Channels Diverting Surface Water to a Sediment Trap Drain

Wash down area with teathering post



 Muck Stores


 Hollow concrete block wall, hollows filled with rienforced concrete

5 metre Precast Concrete Panels supported by steel columns



Horse Walkers


Fabulous View



















Steel RSJ's, sleepers slotted between