construction methods


Our recognised standard build quality  is the specification  most of our customers prefere  to have constructed, providing peace of mind into the future.

On this we have built our selves a  sound reputation over the last 20 or so  years we have been in buisness. We  provide our clients with sound advice on the best surface for their situation based on their information provided.   

However  for our more cost and budget driven customers   we are able to offer our  reduced cost arena with less expensive  reduced specification materials to get our costs lower. Clearly performance and longevity will be compromised.

Planning permission is nearly always required by local authorities.

We provide a specialist planning service for our clients. Providing planners and neighbours are consulted there is never usually a problem obtaining consent for un lit domestic outdoor instalations.

The process from the time of submission will take a good 8-10 weeks to get a descision from the local authority. Any conditions stipulated must now be approved by the local authority prior to construction.

Location - some points to consider.

-Can I keep the enclosure close to existing facilities?  planners prefere this.

- How flat is the ground at the proposed Arena site?  Significant slopes may incur additional excavation costs outside our standard ones .

-  Can I get large 8 wheeled lorries on to my site? 
 Smaller trucks increase the overall construction cost.

-  Do I want to see it from my house? Can neighbours see it from theirs?

-  Can I keep it close to my existing facilities for ease of access ?

- Where can i put the drainage water .  A ditch or a pond , or it may need  a soak away constructed ?

-Will i need additional hard standing leading up to my new Arena, keeping human and horses feet clean in winter together with  wheels on surface maintenance equipment  ?

 We at Mark Scott Arenas take pride in providing value for cost.

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

Cost cutting, increasing margins, maximizing the bottom line – however you want to phrase it, the economic recession has led to a culture where price is king – but how often is this at the expense of a depreciation in quality? And how often does cost cutting simply lead to a cycle of purchasing and then re-purchasing which ultimately leads to enhanced, rather than reduced costs?

Mark Scott Arenas has always prided itself on its commitment to quality, designing and manufacturing products which are fit for purpose, and built to last. Sourcing the very best materials for the job in question together with robust road testing and fine-tuning, enables our company to offer guarantees only affordable by a professional contractor like ours. Increasingly though, we are seeing the original MSA specification as cited by the, customer , architect or construction project manager, being replaced by a ‘more cost effective’ option, which is inevitably far from cost effective in the long run.




20x40 Start

20x40 During- (Rained off)

Finally got it finnished