Q. How long will the construction take?
A.  14 days  plus depending on the arena size.

Q. Will we be able to ride on the new surface straight away?
A. Yes, Our MSA Sitemixed Fibremix surface can be ridden on straightaway, subject to our surface conditioning and maintenance schedule

Or Our Premixed Waxed surface options are very robust and can be ridden quite hard from the out set. 

Q. How often should I rake my arena?
A. Every situation is different, once we know the surface involved and the intensity of its use we can make recomendations.

We offer a Grooming service with our 500 cc quad and trailed HD Groomer .

Premixed surfaces require less maintenance .

Q. Will I need planning permission for my stables and arena ?
A. Nearly always, YES will be the answer . We can help you with our proffessional service to try and avoid frustration, disappointment and  sometimes protracted  council  conditions imposed prior to commencement.