full construction

Full Construction Service .

Mark Scott Arenas  provide a full specialist construction Service from initial consultation, right through from planning permission( From £775 + local planning fees)  to installation and final hand over.

2017 has our own  Equisand and Fibretek on site incorperated surface,  starting at around £29/sq metre  excluding vat  . This moves up to our improved most popular Standard Build Quality specification at around £32/ sq metre ex vat .  These are all  delivered fenced and ready to ride.

We also supply our own Pre Mixed Waxed Surfaces Combinations  from our yard in Sussex for indoor and the more discerning  outdoor professional yards with high use levels and lower maintenance requirements from around £38/ sqm .

Sometimes our customers install our subsurface irrigation system which can be run inexpensively directly off a mains supply.  Capilary action guarentees the moisture rises to the surface during those dry summers to keep a drymix surface moist and firm.

We also supply and promote Premixed Waxed Surfaces from our proffessional surface mixing  partners for specific situations. 

Our  superior and  ready to ride resileint MSA Fibremix Dry  reinforced  Fibretek surface is increasingly our customers prefered choice ,  This  economic and popular combination is now less expensive than the higher maintenance Sand and Rubber alternatives.

Our Popular MSA Fibretek 100% synthetic surface enhancer which  provides a root type structure to improve your current deep and unstable surface is available with incorperation instructions for DIY situations.
Incorperation rates, specification and  delivered prices are available at your request.