Maintenance is the key to the the future well being of any equine surface.

Regular maintenance and surface inspections to check the surface depths and condition is an  essential part of any surface maintenance.

Some times your arena may be needing a top up, redistribution of sand and rubber/ PVC etc  including  leveling etc, this can usually be done quickly and economically with over seen young hands on shovels and wheel barrows, or proffessionals and their equipment if required.  

Water puddling may also be a problem and can be rectified.  call us to assess your surface profile.

In worst case out door situations installing a new drainage bed and drainage system may be nessesary , Our tried and tested design will solve the problem.

Indoor Arenas with tight and  compacted  waxed surfaces  find this equipment will provide renewed surface energy returns and provide safer working environments for the horses, including their limbs and joints. the rider experience and well being will also be enhanced, all resulting in progress and achievement.













MSA  Fibretek  incorperated into an existing exhausted sand or sand and synthetic surface  provides an economical rejuvenated surface providing structure , water retention and stability atributes. This will need to be done by competant proffessionals who understand acurate spreading techniques , together with experience on how to set up incorperation equipment infineitely acurately. in experience can cause  serious membrane and  sub surface damage, or at the other end of the scale, there may be ineffective and un calibrated  incorperation?

  Grooming  your arena surface  is an essential part of  its long term future. It may need attention every day ? Its  all dependant on your particular surface, coupled with the duration and type  of schooling carried out over a specified  period.

Generally the better quality surface you have the less Grooming will be required.