planning services

Planning permission is nearly always required by local authorities. We provide a specialist and professional planning service for our clients through our own planning consultant with 35 years experience. 

This service is provided from approximately £780 (no VAT)”.

 Providing Planners and neighbours are fully consulted there is never usually a problem obtaining consent. The process from the time of submission will take a good 8-10 weeks to get a desciscion from verification fhat  a valid application has been recieved with a descision date provided.  These descission dates in our experience get delayed and reissued. Our advice is to apply in very good time. 

As from 2015/16 planners are under greater pressure and their descisions may have conditions imposed which must be signed off prior to construction, creating further delays .

As of 2016 we are finding Planners are under presure to request environmental, topographical or arbocultural surveys when applications are submitted, this is extending the 8 week descision times significantly . 

Again, Our advice in 2017 is to obtain permissions well in advance of optimum summer time constructions.