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Our Yard  is based in the centre of Kent which provides us with good access to motorways to travel to the areas we cover around

  Kent and Sussex and Surrey

Unfortunately it is currently uneconomic for us to travel beyond these areas. 

Mark and his teams provide in excess of 25 years experience and fast approaching 150 Arenas constructed since our inception in 1999. We are experts in all equestrian and yard facilities including gallops, roadways and Stable Base construction and more as part of our portfolio of works undertaken.  The aim of our skilled works teams is to create a safe, first class working environment for all abilities and most budgets.

Complete complexes with Stables, Lunge Pens, Walkers,Turn Out areas all  built along side Arenas and Gallops on green field sites. We also adapt redundant Farm Buildings to provide flexible cost effective facilities.

Clients needs and satisfaction are paramount to our service. Client recommendation by word of mouth reflects a major proportion of our Business.

mark ScottWe carry out a FREE no obligation site visit in a majority of situations, with a written estimation to follow. Sometimes initial facetime or Zoom meetings are appropriate to understand customers expectations. Guide prices can then be provided and potential customers can then decide for them selves if a cost is within reach, whereby we can then send our representetive to survey and asses sites to provide our detailed written estimates to confirm the guide prices provided.    

We always encourage clients to contact our existing surface users to seek confirmation of our ability to provide professional and durable facilities.

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We at Mark Scott Arenas take pride in providing lasting value for your spend .

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Why choose a Mark Scott Arena ? Why choose a Mark Scott Arena ?

Why choose a Mark Scott Arena ?

Our experienced teams are headed by Mark Scott who over sees all aspects of the projects Unlike some other Arena builders, we don't just dig a hole and fill it with recycled materials such as road plainings, crushed concrete or brick hardcore or use inexpensive poorly treated and insufeciently robust fencing materials or thin black woven, membranes un fastened and then simply install local silica sand and a rubber topping. Everything in a  Mark Scott  Arena construction is  designed in detail and constructed to exacting standards using only new, known reliable and specific  materials.

Our own up to date machines are all fitted with the latest laser technology to provide the most accurate of finishes, Our surveying skills also mean the least amount of soil is disturbed  preserving the environment and your planning stipulations. These criteria  are all carried out by our own loyal, qualified and trained staff.

We provide our own economically produced site mixed surfaces, including refurbishments of existing surfaces. along with our own factory premixed combinations to cover most situations. 

We also have the back up and approval of the Martin Collins Brand to provide the very best surface for your requirements should the need arise.

We are quoted as a friendly, willing and pleasant team to have on site.

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

Cost cutting, increasing margins, maximizing the bottom line – however you want to phrase it,  economic recessions have  led to a culture where price is king.

But how often is this at the expense of a depreciation in quality?
And how often does cost cutting simply lead to a cycle of purchasing and then re-purchasing which ultimately leads to enhanced, rather than reduced costs?

Mark Scott Arenas prides itself on its commitment to quality, designing and manufacturing products which are fit for purpose and built to last.

Sourcing the very best materials for the job in question together with robust road testing and fine-tuning, enables the company to offer guarantees only affordable by a professional contractor like ours.

Increasingly though, we are seeing the original MSA specification as cited by the, customer , architect or construction project manager, being replaced by a ‘more cost effective’ option, which is inevitably far from cost effective in the long run.

Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas including gallops.
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