Arena Refurbishments

Mark Scott Arenas - Surface  Refurbishments

We provide a professional assesment of your existing surface to enable the best outcome for the refurbishment, all the while trying fit into your expectation and hopefully budget once completed. 

Below are examples of some of our refurbishments Before and After the many projects  we have sucessfully completed.

With over 20 years experience in the Equine Surfaces Industry Mark is well respected with a wealth of superior knowledge in all weather equine surface engineering . 

After an initial discussion we would ask customers to send us some images of their surface. We request you digging a few small holes down to the membrane with a hand garden trowel to expose the surface profile, after this initial assesment and before we put in the miles we will provide some guide costs, if these are within reach we will be happy to visit a clients site and give further advice on how to approach their refurb project .

Our profesionally written and presented action advice with  specifications, quantities and costs  are  provided for our customers.

Fibre Incorperation  -  During

Our Compact Kubota and Blecovator finishing off incorperating MSA Fibretek Fibres.

Please note these fibres are Virgin, (never seen a floor) Fullly Synthetic, (they dont rot), 40mm Chop Length (optimum binding and stability) And Completely Dry , ( value for money)

Contact us for costs.


Fibretek Fibres

being spread over leveled and prepared deep going old sand and rubber surface .


after Incorperation process . Final surface Grooming and conditioning about to be done before completion and handover to another very  happy customer .


Spring 2019 brings a 35 x 45 metre  Arena in need of some MSA TLC in Crowborough


MSA works its magic to turn this tired enclosure  into an almost new Arena. new fencing , drainage bed, and MSA Fibremix Surface. 

Horrible dry indoor Sand and Rubber surface out.  New Fibre-wax in.

Here our customer was loosing liveries because of the deep uneven going of the old dry surface.

MSA recomended our Fibre-waxed surface as the replacement. After our customer thoroughly researched some of our other existing indoor Fibre-waxed surfaces we were given instructions to supply and install our MSA indoor waxed surface. The Liveries are now delighted and the empty boxes are filling rapidly.

Another very happy customer .


Here we have a very tired and neglected Arena . MSA have renewed the fence with our oblique kick board premium option, redistributed the sand and incorperated our MSA Fibretek into the sand mechanically. This has provided a contemporaty low maintenance firm riding surface. Happy customer .


Here is the completed article ready to ride some 12 days of work  later.


Old surface off in Goudhurst Kent.


New MSA Fibre-wax ready to go with Polo Cross and all the training to go with it.

February 2018 - Before.

A tired and unhappy Arena .


Thats better a new fence , mirrors and a surface regeneration

Refurb1 Refurb1


Before and After  -   Heathfield 2017 Refurbishment 

Refurb Refurb

 Before and After  -   Appledore  2016



Before/ During  

Refurb of a 30mx 60m at a busy  Equestrian Centre.  

and  After - Rochester Re Furb 


Sand lifted and old membrane removed . New membrane and sand replaced including our MSA Fibretek Fibres installed throughout the full depth of surface, for a bright new begining. 

Sand and Rubber to Fibremix Refurbishment

This very thin 60m x 30m surface was rescued just in time to preserve their sub base . We added new Equisand leveled and incorperated our MSA Fibretek to breath new life in to the restored Fibremix surface for a delighted 20 horse livery yard in Kent.

Here, we also constructed a new MSA Fibrewax surfaced 18 metre Lunge Pen to stop lunging on their Riding Arena surface.  (See facilities page.)

We visit a huge number of exhausted Arenas and offer recommendations to solve any particular problem.

Sometimes symptoms are simply down to surface compaction and rectified easily and economically. Others may have been cheaper initial installations with more complexed issues to solve .

We can provide reports and menu solutions with cost breakdowns for  any budget restrictions and peace of mind. 

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