Mark Scott Arenas - Construction

Our Arena Constructions have many varied situations and requested  specifications, our quotes itemise the various upgrade options we offer  to personalise your installation to fit your requirements. 

As a guide our standard Mark Scott Arena installation costs start at around £26.50 per square metre excluding the surface and drainage bed. 

Our standard Gallop construction costs are around £22.25 per square metre plus the cost of any chosen surface, (See surfaces section) all these guide costs are plus vat.     

Subsurface Irrigation on a  MSA Fibremix Surface

One of our 2020 30x60m Arena builds in Surrey . This installation has the low pressure porous pipe subsurface irrigation system commissioned to provide consistancy during the dry summers on this proffessional yard. Also note no fence, just the surface retaining structure on the left. The right image shows our premium timber fence construction with the subsurface irrigation management control panel and the presure guages and fluted pipesystem below the green box lid . 

April - Before

One of our latest 2021 30x60m MSA  Fibre-wax surface completed in 30 days by Lewis and Luke nr Sittingbourne Kent.

May - After 

and on to the next 20x40m 3.6 miles away. 

Conception to Completion

This winter 19/20  project has taken 12 months from the initial planning process including ecological surveys and trapping to its completion, including one of our bespoke 20x60 Fibre-wax Arena .

This is despite the wettest winter on record.

65m x 25 m Construction Near East Grinsted Summer 2019

MSA Fibre-wax Surface

One of our 2017 Construction Projects

Out Door Arenas and Gallops

New Arena Site

Nick is making some calculations to optimise soil movements. 

Don't move more than you need to, its expensive.


16 days later .

Lance Test 1

Stable Bases

Concrete stable bases together with their water, electricity, drainage and fencing requirements are all catered for.

Stable Bases , Yards , Horse Walkers, Muck Stores.
Concrete slab bases are constructed by us according to the clients preferred stable manufactures detailed plans, from around £48 per sq metre.

Fencing and gates around yards, Water and electricity supplies can be extended to yards. Well constructed access roads and yard areas are important and advice on materials and depths will be given. 

Lance Test 1

Planning service

Should you need help with your planning permission application our fully qualified chartered surveyor with 35 years experience in planning matters is available to provide a planning service to MSA customers at discounted rates.


Should you have a physical problem with your existing Arena, water collection, membrane showing , riding too deep, etc Mark will be happy to initially talk to you and give advise on how to rectify the problem, if suitable look at images you can  provide, to allow an understanding of the level of work and cost likely to be involved. Site visits can be arranged after this.

Lunge Pens

Let us build you a round enclosure to school your horses - In Hand .

Dig Dig Dig !

We are ok, we know we are accurate !

Steady as she goes !


Getting close to the finished article !

Precision Work

Standard MSA Arena Fencing Under Way

Construction Completed  in 14 days

- Well done Lewis and Frank  .

Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas including gallops.
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