Equine Facilities

Mark Scott Arenas - Equine Facilities

We provide a wide range of ancillary amenities for our customers, Some of the facilities we provide are listed below.  

Horse Walker

One of our winter 2017 / 18 building projects.

Stable Yard Cobbles

Lunge Pens

Proffessional Rubber Lined Fence Lunge Pen

Lunge Pens

Designated Timber Fenced Lunge Pens - Take the pressure off your Riding Arena surface !

20 metre Lunge Pen with MSA Fibre-wax  Surface

MSA Equi Build

Muck Stores

Muck Stores

Steel RSJ and concrete panel design with a concrete floor.


Muck Stores

 Premium reinforced concrete block muck store on a concrete base.           


More Muck stores


Sleepers set in concrete base.                       

More Muck stores

 Steel supported recycled railway sleepers. Ideal for Front end loader muck removal.                                                                                                                                                                           

More Muck Stores 

This construction style is good for grab lorry muck removal only and  least expensive.

Rufurbished tipping trailers for muck

We can supply similar trailers refurbished with front access ramp for easy loading.

Contact us for delivered prices.

Irrigation systems

Pop up irrigation sprinklers. These are fed via pumps from a stored water supply.


This is a Porous Pipe irrigation system having been installed during the construction process. This system works from the mains water supply. Capillary action from suitable sands absorbes water up through to surface maintaining adhesion and a firmer surface. This system is economical on water as evaporation is reduced to a minimum. Surface maintenance of levels and condition needs to be kept on top of to preserve the pipe system below.

This is our MSA low cost and adapted robot sprinkler. The little robot drives itself back along the hose pipe feeding its water .  Spread is generally 10 metres wide depending on local mains water pressure. Generally 60 metres is as much pipe it can pull before stalling. It has an auto shut off device.

Moisture tretaining MSA Fibretek fibre incorperation will keep your surface flatter and firmer during dry periods reducing evaporation, compared to a  "Deep Going" surface without Fibres.

Yard surfaces 

Block paved yards                                                                                                              Drained concrete yards 

Stable types 

Bespoke internal stables supplied and fitted.                                                


 New prefabricated timber stables going up any minute .

Horse walker base

    Horse walker bases

All diameters constructed          .

Horse walker base

Bespoke oak framed stable.

 This is a bespoke oak framed stable Lean-to, by our skilled staff .


20 ft Steel Containers

We can supply and manage installation of these single use versatile secure storage boxes. (no planning permission required)
These can be supplied with insulation, shelving brackets and robust padlocks.
Please email us with your requirements.


Wide range of frameworks to support single or multiple Mirrors




Gate Automation

New concrete yard entrances 




Gate Automation

Gate automation systems 

Auto opening in daylight hours is a popular set up.



We carry out a wide range of works associated with the equine industry the above are just a taste of our abilities .

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