Mark Scott Arenas - Maintenance

We take great care in providing correct advice on maintaining our Arena Surfaces. This is a crucial part of your enclosures long term viability.

We provide written guidance with our surface specific laminated maintenance schedule coupled with the use of our MSA HD Arena Groomers .

We have several differing types of surface grooming equipment available.  We can guide customers to the best version once the surface type and  vehicle handling the groomer is established.  

Some images of the  examples  we can provide are shown here .   

Swivel headstock

Here we have our 2 metre wide tractor mounted  swiveling headstock Arena Groom , complete with split width rollers for smoother turns.

1.8m tow

Here we have our 1.8 metre wide twin roller towable Arena Groomer .

1.5m Arena Groom

This is our standard 1.5metre wide Groomer with a single rear roller suitable for towing by this 500 cc 4x4 quad bike.

Prices for these MSA Heavy Duty Surface Groomers start at £1,950 + vat and delivery.

We provide an  Arena Grooming Hire Service for our customers. The cost will be provided by our office and geared on your radial distance from our yard .