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Planning permission is nearly always required by local authorities. We provide a specialist professional and effecient  planning service for our clients through our planning and design consultant partners with broard experience in equine matters. 

This service is provided from approximately £1000.00+ vat

Providing planners and neighbours are fully consulted there is never usually a problem obtaining consent. The decision process is stated from the time of a validated submission to take 8 weeks . These descission dates in our experience now get delayed for a multitude of reasons including the issue of conditions with the planning consent  which need around another 8 weeks to sign off  before work can commence and a 4-12 month and longer time lapse from validation .

Our advice always is to apply in very good time. 

Planning Permission

With our partners we specialase in obtaining planning permission even in tricky situations.


Useful Information

As from 2015/16 planners are under greater pressure and their decisions may have conditions imposed which must be signed off prior to construction, creating further delays .

As of 2016 we are finding planners are under pressure to request environmental, arbocultural and the more frequent archaeological  surveys when applications are submitted, this is extending the 8 week descision times significantly . 

Again, Our advice is always  to obtain permissions well in advance of optimum summer time constructions. 

Planning Permissions via our Charterd Surveyor

We work with our independant FRICS Planning Consultant who can dedicate time to our customers desires, evolving and submitting applications together with effecient monitoring of those applications during the descision process.

Allow plenty of time for applications to be processed.  Surveys are time consuming and expensive and can be unpredictably required 

Commencing The Construction

Our surveying equipment and knowledge optimises ground disturbance. Don't move more soil than you need to, or be in breach of planning permission by stacking soil to one side, its all lavish !

Completed !

16 days later .

Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas including gallops.
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