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Let us provide the facilities to allow your horses and jockeys to achieve their full potential , weather it be enhanced fitness, discipline, or fluidity our surfaces will provide the platform to trigger that rhythmical balance and stride most riders strive to achieve.

Full construction and maintenance of Indoor and out door Arenas including Gallops.


We construct a wide range of installations with prices to suit most budgets.

From our own premier MSA Fibre-wax Waxed Surfaces with high quality Equisand and 100% synthetic fibres all mixed in a controlled environment with molton wax sprayed onto the sand and fibre mix during the paddle mixing process. This surface will withstand a wide range of schooling persuits.

We also offer the highest quality local Equisand and MSA Fibretek  synthetic fibres -  incorperated on site and infront of you with our tractor mounted equipment to economically produce our site mixed MSA Fibremix - perfect  for flat work and jumping.

We also provide rubber chips and strips  for top ups. Concrete stable bases, yards and driveways.  Furlongs of gallops and  many fencing styles .

Landscaping, seeding  & pasture/turf  management, excavations for  ancilary works including, driveways,  small ponds etc - our skills are fairly endless.

Mark Scott  Mark Scott Arenas for all your Equestrian Needs.

Stable Bases

Stable Bases

Concrete stable bases together with their water, electricity, drainage and fencing requirements are all catered for.

Stable Bases , Yards , Horse Walkers, Muck Stores.
Concrete slab bases are constructed by us according to the clients prefered stable manufactures detailed plans, from around £48 per sq metre.

Fencing and gates around yards, Water and electricity supplies can be extended to yards. Well constructed access roads and yard areas are important and advice on materials and depths will be given. 

Planning service

Planning service

Should you need help with your planning permission application our fully qualified chartered surveyor with 35 years experience in planning matters is available to provide a planning service to MSA customers at discounted rates.


Should you have a physical problem with your existing Arena, water collection, membrane showing , riding too deep, etc Mark will be happy to visit you and give advise on how to rectify the problem, together with a written quote for the work.

Materials only

Materials only

We will be able to quote on materials a only basis. Membrane , Fencing, Drainage, Stone,Quartz Equisand plain Equisand and their wax coated combinations, and extremely competitively priced Scottrack Rubber Fibre and Strip.

Top ups

Some times your Arena may be just needing a top up. Sand and Rubber redistribution, levelling etc, this can usually be done quickly and economically,
Some times Fibre Mixed Toppings over exhausted sands can beautifully rejuvenate Arenas .

Maintenance/Repair Maintenance/Repair


Much of our work these days involves the assessment and reports of poorly performing surfaces, including poor drainage , deep going surfaces, hard surfaces. torn membranes and protruding clay and stones.   
We provide  solutions to these issues, sometimes quick and inexpensive.

Arena Groomers Arena Groomers

Arena Groomers.  Including Crumble Roller

Trailed  twin roller arena groomers which are fully adjustable to enable variable depth grooming of surfaces to condition surfaces effeciently are generally available from stock. Prices from £1,900.00 ex our yard - plus vat.

Arena Master Rake

We also sell a range of lighter Arena Rakes  for sand and rubber / pvc surfaces  starting from a very competetive £380.00 inc vat. ex our yard



We can scource and deliver towing vehicles for your grooming equipment , from used small tractors, quad bikes to 4x4 buggies. 

Fencing Services Fencing Services

Fencing Services

High, Low, Security Stock and  Domestic.  
Various fencing types and styles can be provided and installed prices on application.
This service is generally carried out in the winter months
Quantity discounts available.

Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas including gallops.
Have a look at our case studies for more information...

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