Mark Scott Arenas - Surfaces

We provide surfaces for the low use domestic customer through to commercial yards with multiple horses and with regular training regimes.

Our Indoor surfaces are tried and tested and provide a consistent floor for regular and dependable schooling.

Our Gallop surfaces can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of most trainers.

Please call or e mail us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide guidance on your specific situation and recommend a suitable mix from our range .

The surfaces we provide are :

Our Popular MSA Fibretek.   We offer a nationwide delivery service for these premuim quality fibres

-Our Fibres are a unique by-product completely safe for the environment and better than most as they are 100% synthetic - nylon, rayon, polimers and the moisture content is 0% making the bales and fibres go further. Please note, our product is not damp recycled floor carpet. This clean and dry MSA Fibretek is supplied in whole circa 500 kg bales to mix into your existing surface. We supply complete bales only of this great mid length chopped Fibre ex our yard for 0.58p per kg (circa - £295/ bale + vat) . 

Phone or email us today for a delivered cost, or an installed cost with our specialist tractor mounted incorperation equipment. 

MSA  Fibremix -

- Premixed or mixed on site .

MSA Fibre-wax 

These semi or fully waxed surfaces are tailored for your requirements. They are Equisand with specific synthetic fibres added to provide structure, durability and consistancy.

MSA Fibremix  

This surface combination is becoming more popular in many yards, We do not recommend routine lunging on this surface though.   It's cost is in the same region as sand and rubber, which is a less sucessful combination in the South East as the best Equisands now available do not stand up so well under rubber chip.

This Fibremix surface is robust within its 150mm depth and is easy to maintain with our MSA HD Arena Groom.

Limited lunging is achievable. - Surface guide price ex works only £14.50/ sq m

The Fibres within the surface retain moisture well, insulate and cushion.

Our Sub Surface Irrigation Package. 

This surface will benefit from irrigation in a dry summer  - We recommend the economical installation of the sub surface  pourous pipe system usually installed at the time of the initial Arena installation. Water is supplied by mains pressure only (no tank  and pump systems involved) and moisture is absorbed from the pourous water pipes installed beneath the surface, all by capillary action  reducing evaporation. - Guide price £5/ sq m .   

MSA Fibre-wax 

This is our waxed surface designed for out door situations predominantly using our Fibretek Fibres mixed with Equisand with moulton wax added within a controlled mixing environment with our own unique blend data used to provide absolute consistency . This combination laid at 150mm deep is provided to create  the stability and consistancy required to keep this surface constantly durable throughout the seasons.  It is better suited to lunging and free reigning persuits. We can manipulate this blend to preference, to remain firm, or slightly looser to take a cut and reduce joint concusions.   Surface only guide price ex works  £27.50/ sq m

For Indoor Arena surface situations and higher intensity Lunging we would recomend a  higher wax and Fibre content, details on request .

MSA Fibretek 

This perfect mid length, completely dry synthetic fibre By Product is designed to create structure and retain moisture in new and existing surfaces.  

Many used sand based surfaces become tired and may ride deep in drier conditions. By providing our Fibretek bales and spreading their contents evenly over the surface at just over 3 kgs per sq metre and followed by our mechanical tractor mounted incorperation equipment. We can ameliorate the surface to blend the fibres into the sand surface to create a moisture retentive and robust surface.

Fibre supply only £2.05/ sq m + vat

100% synthetic - so

Completetly non organic and will not rotaway.

Its 0% moisture content - so you are not buying water.

It drains well.

It retains moisture .

Provides a firmer ride  due to root like structure provided by the ideal lengthed fibre chop.

Higher energy returns.

Much lower maintenance than traditional sand and rubber .

Installed guide price from  £8.00 / sq m  This will include initially leveling and preparing the surface to receive the fibres 



This is our MSA Fibretek Fibres having been incorperated by our skilled staff into a deep going PVC surface.

This transformed the surface into a consistant and firm platform for a delighted customer.

If your interested in getting us to re-invigorate and extend the life of your tired and exhausted surface with our Synthetic Fibres,  email us with your location details and size of enclosure and we can provide a guide price.


This was the deep going PVC surface before we did our magic.

MC Activ-track

  We are proud to promote and install Martin Collins Pre mixed  Surfaces

 A very popular waxed surface for professional yards with lower maintenance requirements. Surface guide price ex works  £33.80/ sqm.

This well known and respected brand provides a range of surfaces to suit all disciplines.

MC Ecotrack  (wax coated surface)

This is MC Premier Surface developed for racing, training, polo, show jumping, dressage and lunging. A truly multi-purpose high quality wax coated surface. Supply only or our full design and installation service is available.

Some of the benefits Ecotrack offers

Instantly ready to use after installation
Does not require watering

Dust free

Sure footed

Minimal kickback

High degree of frost resistance

Long lasting

Low maintenance


Guide prices all plus vat .

Surface top ups 

Rubber Strip,

Sorry, we are no longer able to source this material.

Scottrack 25mm Rubber Chip

Great insulator form sun and frost,  good cushioning  and stabilisation. Circa £2.50 / sq m for 20tonnes of new Arena topping. Circa £1.25 for top ups all + vat

- Good quality equisand is important for this synthetic topping to do its job, otherwise it will get lost into the sand in no time.

Mixing Plant 

Our dedicated mixing plant in East Sussex provides  the professional quality pre-mixed surface blends we supply.

Lunge Lunge

Lunge Pens

We encourage customers to to do inhand schooling in purpose built Lunge Pens. This will preserve Riding Arena surfaces for their intended mounted Riding pursuits. Guide cost - circa £ 62/ sq metre  + vat for a waxed surface 3 rail  fenced enclosure (min 18 metre diametre)  

Lunge Pen Surface 

This will ideally be a waxed surface and will be placed over a drainage bed and membrane a minimum 180mm deep.

Dry sand based  surfaces with synthetic additives can be used with an increased depth and higher levels of maintenance. 

Our surfaces selections above are all well tried and tested combinations .

Each of these combination has it's place in the scale of schooling intensity.

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