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Premier Equine Services for KENT, SUSSEX and  SURREY 

We provide the facilities to allow your horses and jockeys to achieve their full potential, whether it be enhanced fitness, discipline or fluidity, our Surfaces will provide the platform to trigger that confident rhythmical balance most riders strive to achieve.

We install a wide range of facilities with prices to suit most budgets. From our own pre mixed Fibre-waxed Surfaces with high quality Equisand and  Synthetic Fibres for the more intensive schooling regimes, to the highest quality Equisand and our MSA Fibretek incorporated on site to create a robust MSA Fibremix surface in front of you.

We also provide Scottrack Rubber Chip for top ups. However many customers are understanding the enhanced stabilising characteristics associated with incorporating MSA Fibretek into their existing unstable sand and rubber and the like surfaces. Some guide pricing is available on our website, please contact us for a more accurate estimate. 



Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas with associated facilities including gallops. Find out more about all the services we provide...