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Refurbished Muck Trailers

e-mail us and we can provide similar smart user friendly trailers

Box Container

These versatile containers are almost new and provide a very secure environment for valuables. They come insulated with shrouded locks.

e-mail us for details.

New MSA Fibre-wax Surface in2019 for this 25x45m Arena which transforms the riding experience undercover from a dry dusty sand and rubber .

 350 tonnes of stone all in during  a day in summer 2019.

Summer 2018, progress on new indoor MSA Fibre-wax surface installation near Edenbridge  Kent. 

Last load leveled on new MSA Fibrewax Arena surface in busy Team UK  Polo Cross yard.

Summer 18 during


One of our 2017/18 projects moving along nicely .

February 17 site preparation completed .

Completed .

Ready for Drainage Bed Stone 

Are Your Drains Working, ours are.

A genuine Mark Scott Arena ?  - Look for our  logoed plaque .

Arena Refurb Including Sand Top Up

Complete New Complexes - On site of demolished commercial dog kennels  

New Oak Framed Stable - All constructed by our own staff

No Fence At All ??

Perhaps we should have a fence ?

Let us get your drains removing your water effeciently.

Let us refurbish your loose surface with our MSA Fibretek 

Another premixed surface ready for delivery from our mixing plant .

Hold tight !  on our Fibremix Surface .

Easy irrigation . We have adapted this tracable irrigattion robot  to travel on most equine surfaces to place water evenly over your surface with only 2 moves. Hopefully you have decent water pressure to optimise its performance?

We can provide reinforced pipes to allow access to adjacent land across ditches and streams .

Turn your old hay barn into stables

Building Re-clad and a new life .

Another smart Mark Scott Arena constructed for a professional family near Sevenoaks

You can't beat a personalised bespoke look .

Preserve your Riding Arena surface and let us build you a Lunge Pen.
Heard about the rest - MSA is best.

Another Genuine Mark Scott Arena completed with the tightest of access.

Let us quote to supply you our standard arena kit. Budget options on request.

A range of our  Premier Specification installations.

Granit Cobble Sets .

Useful Muck Store

Differing styles of drainage  catch-pit depending on circumstances.

Covered Claydon Horse Walker

Rubber block paved circular path

 Galvanised Steel Mirror  frame work supports

Proffessional Mirror Installations

Another 3 New  MSA Arena Grooms being collected from our engineers in Oxford .

One of our on going late summer 2018 projects

Lewis and Frank  still with a few days excavation ahead of them and trying to beat the autumn 2018 rain. 

New Stables, Arena and Muck Store.

Our winter 18/19 construction project, including pop up overhead  irrigation system for Arena, Bulk Head lighting on fence,  Stables, 3 bay muck store. All landscaped seeded and ready to go.   

Claydon Horse Walker Base

Tom Jackson's Horse Walker Base installed just intime for his 2019 Badminton appearance . - Good Luck Tom

Full construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor arenas including gallops.
Have a look at our case studies for more information...

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